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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: this morning, the reports of violence and damage coming in from across the u.s. in the wake of the donald trump election. larry: a dramatic drop in temperatures here at home. veronica johnson tracking a frigid start to the weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: already beginning right now, if you step outside. veronica: we will take the cold as long as it's on friday. it will be that way for the first part of the weekend,
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start coming up, and the 50 plus pockets west of dcr with the town into the 30 bus because of his lighter wind. is of wind gusts. clearspring's, gusting close to 30 miles per hour with temperatures part around 50 degrees. 48 i 7:00 a.m., 54 by 9:00 a.m.. sunshine just prior to 7:00, but pick up, just over 30 miles per hour. at least it will be a kind of seasonal day for us. 61, 62, 63 degrees, with today in the low 60's running close to average with the wind, the windchill will be brought down, this story in the afternoon into
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julie: we're talking about an accident involving a motorcyclist headed eastern georgia avenue. -- beast around georgia avenue. as you try to work your way courts georgia avenue, you want to stay to the far left in order to get by. hitting the backup early this morning. seth has been with us for almost an hour wasn't overturned box truck. no accidents to report on 395 right now, but with veterans day keep in mind the trains will be operating on metro every six to 15 minutes. all peak fares will apply and safetrack surged 10 is still in effect for the service between
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that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to keep a close eye on that. veronica: breaking news -- jummy: breaking news from all --, protests against donald trump turning finally. people draghi newspaper stands into the streets, smashing electrical boxes with baseball bats. one guy trying to light a tree on fire. hours ago, this message from police. portland police bureau. jummy: everyone at that demonstration, arrested. it was at that point the police busted out the tear gas to break up the grounds. the second night in a row in california, protesters shut down highways in oakland. you can see them there blocking traffic in both directions. in new york, just as active,
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marching and gathering to vent their frustration over the election results. i'm going to keep following the story and will bring you the latest as a comes into the newsroom. larry: sam sweeney is parked outside trump international hotel this morning. security there still tight? tell you about a shift change that we just saw. before we had a lot of private security, but down here at the end now you can see these are all easy police officers were now in charge of protecting the trump hotel. a little lesson one dozen police cars, we haven't seen what's on the side yet. they continue to look down pennsylvania avenue with four
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across the street we have at least four mpd police officers there. still early, 6:00 the morning. no protesters are here now. given that it is veterans day, things could change. people are off work, they could be coming down here, but take a look at the scene last night. 6:30 down pennsylvania avenue, from the white house to the capital the trump international hotel. a lot of them very angry. the census out here, the blockade, not something that looks for a good image of the hotel. we will be out here monitoring the situation and as new developments come in, we will let you know. reporting live, sam sweeney. back to you guys. autria: donald trump tweeting
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he wrote -- just had a very open and successful presidential election, now protesters incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair. covering every transition into the white house, the new international response this morning after news of his election sent markets tanking. larry: people in critical condition after they were shot multiple times. all of this happening on stanton road about three hours ago. possible suspect. in northeast, another deadly shooting in front of thomas elementary school last night. it will give you on top -- keep you posted on both of these incidents as soon as we learn more. autria: police at the university of maryland are trying to track down a student who has gone missing. caitlin george was last seen at allegheny hall yesterday.
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larry: as we celebrate veterans day, changes on the road that you need to know about. autria: seven is saluting service members on this veterans day. we want to thank colonel hamilton. keep sending us your photos to
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autria: today is veterans day, a federal holiday, meaning you can expect changes on your way to work. roads remaining in weekend mode with no extra time for rush-hour. rock creek parkway, canal road, and connecticut avenue. regular hov restrictions will remain in drivers will have to feed parking meters and d.c., arlington, alexandria, and
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we are getting a check on the roads in just a minute, the first veronica johnson has a check in the forecast. jummy: the one thing that you will remember about today is that it was a -- veronica: the one thing you will remember about today's that it was a windy veterans day. the cold front coming out ahead of it, temperatures allowed to get into the lower 60's across the area. getting breezy for the afternoon , downright cold for the weekend. overnight temperatures dropping into the 30's, the front down to the south through virginia and north carolina as well. hourly forecast for you, starting off at 9:00, high clouds breezy already with temperatures around 52 degrees. by 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, lower 60's across the area. and then in your evening, a few
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picking up, topping up around 30 miles per hour. we will talk about when it settles down in about 10 minutes. julie: piggybacking on what autria was talking about and what it means for the commuter town, metro will be operating on the saturday schedule. it also means that the parking lots owned by metro, you will park for free today. off-peak fares for those riding safetrack surged 10 still in effect. on the orange line between cheverly avenue new carrollton. i better start to the commute right now, a crash on the inner loop on the shoulder and on backlick road, all lanes are open headed to woodbridge. back in the next 10 minutes to update your larry: ride on 270. we will see your smiling --
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suzanne? suzanne: a wounded warrior is getting -- getting a beautiful
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana?
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: the music world waking up to some sad news this morning. singer-songwriter leonard cohen has died at 82. he is best known or his song hallelujah. you have heard it dozens of times. it spawned many colors -- covers. his 14th studio album was released just last month. but his talents went way beyond music to tell -- two novels and poetry. reportedly he died peacefully at his los angeles home. autria: still happening on this veterans day, an unforgettable surprise for someone who served our country. suzanne kennedy is live and that is the to explain it all. what's going on?
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that's being built here. it is actually already built and very soon captain louisville a is going to -- lewis villa is going to move in. he was injured in afghanistan and as a result he has special needs in this house is going to meet all of his needs. here in the house right now, this is the man cave. you can see him right there, he will be able to enjoy this. one of the things that is fantasti the role were donated by the washington redskins. this is the jersey of kirk cousins. it hangs proudly on the wall. the captain is a huge redskins fan, i'm told, so he will be able to watch the cayman style with the jersey -- the game in style with the jersey hanging on the wall. tell us about this kitchen. >> this is an amazing room.
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they donated this room. he is a huge redskins fan. it's been amazing that they have really stepped up to provide everything in this room. it's where the memorabilia goes. we had season tickets last season. it really roots them hugely. suzanne: for someone dealing with challenges in the life, they need a place to go decompress. this is a perfect place to do that. >> everything in thi independence as his forever home. everything is run off of an ipad, to where we can control the security, climate control, the lighting. it is really easy to make sure that he has the independence that he deserves. suzanne: a football signed here by a couple of redskins. a jersey. wanted to show you one of the great features of this room.
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right over here we have this fantastic projection screen where he can watch television. if you take a look, the room goes dark and it's here for him to enjoy. the captain is going to moving within the week. back to you guys in the studio. larry: thank you, suzanne. what an awesome story. veterans day today. there are several tributes across the district. 11:00 today, president obama will lay a wreatht of the unknown soldier. tributes will be held during the course of the day as well, including one at the freedom wall of the world war ii memorial. the third annual veterans day breakfast fully held at two separate i help restaurants. the 200 veterans invited to the feast. in honor of veterans day, george washington's home is offering free admission.
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veterans. autria: for years people have left keepsakes at the wall to honor the names inscribed there. these items are picked up every night and stored in a massive warehouse in maryland. tonight at 11:00 we go on an exclusive tour of the facility and highlight some of the most awe-inspiring objects. those remembrances helping family members and veterans of the fallen heal from the past. veronica: can never have enough of those kind of stories honoring men and women. larry: enough layers for the next 48 hours. veronica: i was going to say, with so many activities and events going on today, for a long time, maybe some standing outside, it's going to be chilly. even cold by this evening.
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i put out a couple of locations with the wind is light and when the wind is strong. you can see 36 mile per hour wind gusts being reported from leesburg, va. yes, some schools are still in session today. what is happening here is we're seeing the areas with lighter winds and lower temperatures with higher risk, higher temperatures, allowing the air to mix. by a.m. this morning, it's going to be fairly uniform. sunglasses, you will need those, grab them out the door. gloves, we are going to be getting back to those early tomorrow morning. bus stop this morning, sunshine, 36 to 47. a big range across the area hitting this temperatures. still a little bit of sun glare.
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getting any rain. it's all about the wind for today. settling down some for tonight, you will still need to bundle up going out for happy hour today. member, julie, the sun sets little earlier before 5:00. julie: we will get that in mind. right now before the capital beltway we have started off with problems that have been resolved. wanted to remind you of a couple of things. hov rules have been lifted with the veterans they are still in effect out towards 50. of course, you do not have to feed the parking meters today. which brings me to metro. trains are operating on a saturday schedule. -- again, lots are free. if you take metro you are offering -- operating on off-peak fares today.
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that activity has been confined to the shoulder. akin the next 10 minutes to look at your ride in virginia. jummy: new fallout that one group says is tied to the election. john: a black lives matter banner destroyed on election night. coming up, we will tell you the reaction from the church and more importantly, how that hate always wins -- rather, how love always wins. autria: first, beware, convincing new ways that cooks
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>> higher beware, retailers are rolling up their own apps to make mobile shopping easier, like this one for buying boots.
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doesn't have an app. this is a fake. researchers found apps from many stores that were fakes. >> a few hundred for counterfeit. >> somewhere for android. others for the iphone area apple tells abc news that they have setup flags for fraudulent and suspicious at that they have promptly investigated. google says that they take it seriously and that they scan for before they are published on the play store. we will give you tips to protect herself, coming up at 7 a.m..
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: breaking right now at 6:30, protests across the country as thousands of outrage americans protest president elect of donald trump. both sides are making them voices heard. -- mike -- making their voices heard and in some cases it's
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all morning long we will be celebrating veterans as we switch over to news channel 8 as well. send us your pictures as we say thank you throughout the morning. autria: something we can all get behind, our military. i certainly want to say thank you. for rocket johnson, getting ready for the cold? -- veronica johnson, getting ready for the cold? veronica: this morning, it's already bree t sustained wind out of the south. five miles per hour, not everywhere feeling the wind. certainly pockets throughout the area. 49 degree temperatures but it feels like with a few pockets that are already down into the mid-30's this morning. the wind will be the big focus today. could push higher, 40 miles per hour. brief wind gusts that might bring down even a few branches
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that is throughout the day, even during the overnight, making appeal colder than what it is. there's your pocket, 32 in manassas, 49 d.c. today, a nice warm jacket for your saturday. we will be stepping right to december on saturday. and then back out with a high of 60 degrees on sunday. in 10 minutes i will tell you the national harbour. what should we come? julie: because we will see your thermal underwear. you told us yesterday. [laughter] julie: do they have reindeer on them? veronica: no, no. there might be reindeer out there. julie: all right, all right. slow ride on 95 headed south due to an earlier crash. north and you are at speed and the occoquan to the beltway
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on the outer loop we had an early morning wreck south of river road. authorities tell me they're checking for a crash. heads up, trying to work your way from montgomery county towards fairfax. stalled vehicle in anacostia tying of the right lane. coming up we will take a look at 66. autria: julie, thank you. fears of election night violence hitting in our backyard. a black lives matter vandalized. john, people say that this isn't the first time this is happened? question -- john: it's the fourth time, but the most recent time happened on election night. the pastor says he thinks it's connected to the campaign, to trump, and to everything that has been going on over the past 48 hours. reports of blacks, latinos, gay community, muslim community
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this church year on colesville road -- church here on colesville road. a night, someone cut out the word black from the black lives matter banner. the church, that is predominately white, put up this signed a few years ago and they have been vandalized four times since. that right there is a picture of what it looked like just hours after the election ended. officials in montgomery county will be holding a press conference here this morning, denouncing what they call a message of exclusion from president-elect donald trump. >> this happened on election night itself. to see it the next day, it seems very symbolic to me of the kind of divisions, the kind of hatred in the country right now the needs to be healed.
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but also love. the pastor surprised us this morning that someone has anonymously tried to fix the sign and added the heart that says love beats hate. at press conference going on at 10:00 this morning. reporting live in silver spring, john gonzalez. jummy: tense moments for a news crew in baltimore last night. keith daniels and his of angry demonstrators suddenly turned on them. the scary scene unfolded live on the air. it was near the end of the protests plan the mob just rushed him, as you can see right there. they began issuing threats and yelling profanities. fearing for their safety, police placed them in the back of a squad car and turned them -- throw them to safety. neither the reporter nor photographer were injured.
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want to go back to our veterans day coverage. lieutenant charles fields, serving with the navy down in norfolk, keep sending us your veterans day photos to gla. -- thank you for the sacrifices you have made to keep us all safe. today as you serve our country,
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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autria: this veterans day, many national chains are offering freebies and deals. the green turtle, bob evans, chilies, offering deals from a free menu. veterans can get a free appetizer or dessert. outback steakhouse and ruby tuesday are offering special deals. and that i half they can grab some special pancakes. we are checking in with more in about 10 minutes. right now we want to get a check
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how many layers you need to wear. veronica: it is breezy, kind of a windy afternoon coming our way. hang onto your hats, guys and women. temperature starting off in the 40's. 30's into the west in d.c., rising as the sun comes up. it is right around this time, 2:00, 3:00 when a cold front comes continues to pick up. a fairly light wind going into sunday morning. the reason we could see some frost advisories with freeze warnings for tomorrow morning and sunday. late on sunday we dropped to 45 degrees, which is why i might have on two extra layers. the tree lighting takes place at 6:30, the folks there tell us to make sure that you use the parking deck if you are going
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next weekend we flip things around with chances for showers coming our way. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. julie: shuttle buses will be coming from king street, that's an option for you out of virginia. taking a look at what happening in maryland, southbound 270 doesn't look too bad right now, but authorities tell me that they are checking for a crash southbound before they hit the outer crash on the left side. one guy stuck on the right shoulder, the lanes are open but it is heavy as you continue south towards virginia. back in the next 10 minutes to keep close eye on 274 you. larry: donald trump moving forward with the new plan that we're hearing about for his first 100 days in office. security is still tight outside the trump hotel in d.c..
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sam: protesters have taken a break this morning, but outside security is tight.
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jummy: breaking overnight, protests against a donald trump turning into riots. the new video coming out of portland, oregon, people dragging newsstands into the streets, smashing electrical block -- electrical boxes. one prison even trying to light a tree on fire, as you can see. down highways in california. you can see that here on interstate 580 in oakland, blocking traffic in both directions. on the other side of the country in new york, it was just as active but a bit more peaceful outside trump tower. people didn't block traffic or march, they just gathered to vent their frustration over the election results. we have been hearing reports of active protests in philadelphia, minneapolis, in denver.
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we get it. autria? autria: people were out late into the night. larry: sam sweeney is a trump international hotel. that security still looks pretty tight. sam: dozens of d.c. police officers out here surrounding this hotel. take a look, they just did a shift change, they are in the corner meeting. but if we spin around the side you can see police officers here with multiple units around the hotel keeping it safe. there are no protesters here right now, but if they do show up these men and women are ready to go. take a look at the video from last night. protesters made their way to the capital and they ended at the trump international hotel. this is certainly not the curb appeal that the hotel wanted
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possibly thousands of people outside protesting. it is veterans day. with a lot of people out of work , we don't know what's going to happen later today. there are a lot of police officers were what happens later on. reporting live outside the trump hotel, sam sweeney. larry: a first look at the president-elect's agenda for the first 100 days. his priorities. the idea is to reduce the federal work force through attrition. there are nearly 412,000 federal workers in the area, 1.9 million nationwide. in just under three hours now trading will reserve on -- resume on wall street and business seems to be booming. doubt futures plummeted after trump was elected but at the end
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dip, but it was a positive day for the s&p. autria: hillary clinton was spotted on a different kind of trail. a woman named margo spotted the nominee hiking near her home. this is the first time that clinton has been seen since she conceded the election on wednesday. she posted the picture hoping that it would make some of the disappointed supporters smile. she said that clinton gave her a the vote. can you imagine just walking through the woods? larry: wait a minute, i know you. autria: we are staying on top of every transition into the white house. full coverage online, including the girl -- including the growing battle between donald trump and the press. larry: developing now, the man who worked as a counselor for an afterschool program in rockville facing child sex abuse charges. accused of inappropriately touching a five-year-old girl on
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29 and october 31. the girl was enrolled in the kids after-hours program flower valley. the program is independently managed. ramos has now been fired. autria: big honors for a pair of nationals heavy hitters. daniel murphy and wilson ramos are the latest recipients of the silver slugger award. given to the best player in each position. a force to be reckoned with this year, knocking 104 r.b.i.'s, a finalist, slugging with a career-high, an impressive 307 batting average. good job. we are proud of you. larry: happening right now, restaurants in the area are giving free food to the veterans. autria: that is where we find
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the pancakes. molly: we keep getting the fifth w --hiff of pancakes -- whiff of pancakes coming out of there. smells good. the crew here is getting ready for a busy afternoon. here's why. starting at 7 a.m. they are giving veterans and active military members of chance to come into the free hotcakes. they will be feari expect. man, do they sure look good? strawberries, blueberries, with cream, to be a bit more patriotic today for veterans day. all around getting hungry. i briefly want to mention at alabama and southeast they are teaming up with the d.c. housing authority to make sure that 200 veterans get their free breakfast today. come on down and enjoy some very
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autria: thank you, molly. we salute service members this veterans day and we want to say thank you to captain harry cox, of falls church. keep sending us your veterans day photos, or you can tweet us the picture using the hash tagged jammed up you that's. we will showcase the more money move over to news channel 8. larry: thank you to vj for getting us ready for what's in store. veronica: for saturday, but it's brief. i know that a lot of the events going on today do includes a music. we are switching over to news channel 8 a little bit this morning. the armed services string quartet, getting cold outside, i'm sure they will be glad that they're playing inside for you today. 48 degrees, bus stop forecast.
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through, but no rain. yes, it's a cold front without any rain today. the wind will continue to pick up with a nice warm jacket. wind gusts just over 30 miles per hour. breezy side, make sure you cover up. still looking at the change coming early saturday morning. still a little bit greasy, will be set down to the lower 30's by saturday morning. high of 52 on saturday. already looking ahead to next weekend. if you want to make some plans, it's showers for sunday. next weekend we have days that are flipped. the coldest day this weekend is saturday. next weekend it looks like it will be sunday and wet with the possibility of rain coming through. stormwatch 7 today, veterans day
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like next week. there might be a passing shower on wednesday. julie: right now i think you can pass with ease. not too many people out and about this federal holiday. as expected, lighter than usual traffic volume traveling to and from the wilson bridge. oxon hill, alexandria, traveling between national harbor and route one. no incidents have been reported. it is also a nic colesville road continuing back towards 270. democracy boulevard, all gone. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the roads and trails. back to you guys. kidd: sad news. michael blade's three-year-old son is battling liver cancer.
6:54 am
liver cancer. "he's a good man with a lot of good karma coming his way, he's done a lot of good for a lot of people are coming autria: so sad. kidd: how wonderful that he is able to step away and say -- i don't have to do anything, cancel my shows, just concentrate on my family. cancer is a horrible thing, no matter who it affect, but when it in theaters this weekend, "loving," you have heard me talk about this a lot. the true story of an interracial couple from virginia who were later jailed and banished in the 1950's. they were forced to raise their family at washington, d.c. until a decade-long battle led to the supreme court changing the laws. please see this movie this weekend.
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about a story that took place right here in d.c. a story that many do not know. also, if you have spent the last few days questioning how the country operates, see the film. let it be a reminder that great things have been a conflict in this country because of the way the system works. remind you that it was only 58 years ago that this couple wasn't allowed to marry each other because of their skin color. we have accomplished a lot since this. and we have a long way to go. you might feel fighting for you today, but they are fighting for someone. it is a wonderful story in so many ways. jummy: i was going to say, maybe we should see it again. [laughter] kidd: we both left of and we saw it just blocks from the white house at a screening. we walked out and we were like -- wow, we live in an incredible place. larry: i just went back into the
6:56 am
if you go to the lower floor, where there is an area that is explained in virginia, in the 1600s, it set the stage for this in the 20th century. even more context in terms of this. you are right, how quickly this has changed. kidd: worth seeing this weekend. time for your 60 second express. >> country -- >> great honor being with you. >> president-elect. >> protests for a second night. >> he won. >> there's been a lot of hatred. detroit, schoolchildren harassing latino classmates -- chanting build a wall. >> there was a lot of private
6:57 am
officers who are now in charge of protecting the hotel. >> two separate shootings, leaving at least one person dead in the district. this all happened in southeast. in northeast, another shooting outside the elementary school. >> you can go into any i hop if you are a veteran or active military member from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today to get your free hike
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, riots in the streets. >> hey, hey, hey. >> violent anti-trump demonstrations break out again nationwide. as donald trump both praises and attacks the protesters on twitter calling them professionals and passionate. >> and makes peace with president obama at the white house. >> i had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> his wife melania sits down with the first lady and the transition underway and our first private look at hillary clinton after her loss. state of emergency. more than 30 wildfires burn through the southeast forcing evacuations, torching thousands of acres. firefighters battling the blaze from the ground and air. now the new warning about that


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